DIY Prom Wrist Corsage + Boutonnière

January 17, 2016

prom corsage and Boutonniere

Prom season is coming up soon! There are plenty of beautiful corsages to be ordered and made. This year, I thought I'd give corsage-making a try. I feel like I've looked through every tutorial, but most of them use real flowers and aren't wrist corsages.

In this tutorial, I'll be using artificial/fake flowers. If you want to use real flowers, there is an extra few steps to attach the flowers together with wire. Check out these tutorials if you're interested in using real flowers: eHow, Project Wedding, or Bridal Musings.

The first thing I'd consider is the color scheme of your corsage. I'd stick to about three or four colors, including a neutral color. For my corsage, I'm having pink as the "pop of color," while silver and cream are the accent colors. I added a little bit of green to give the corsage a more natural look to it.

The next thing to consider is the flowers you'll be using. Roses and orchids are popular choices. You could use hydrangeas, lilies, peonies, carnations, etc. Choose one type of flower to be the main attraction. Then, choose smaller flowers or flowers in a neutral color to fill in the space. This will make the corsage look fuller. The accent pieces and ribbon will make your corsage unique. You can use leaves from the flowers, baby's breath, lavender, ferns, or even succulents. The color of the ribbon is up to your color scheme; you can make it your main color or a neutral color.

With my corsage, I will have pink peonies with white roses and baby's breath. I want to add the leaves from the roses as well. The ribbon I will be using is a silver glitter one and a pink sheer one. I'd recommend finding wired ribbon so it can keep a better shape.

Let's get started!

Things You'll Need:

  • Wide- Band Bracelet (From Michael's)
  • Hard Plastic + Felt
  • Silk Flowers (Peonies, roses, etc.)
  • Filler  flowers (Baby's breath)
  • Glitter Ribbon
  • Sheer ribbon
  • Hot glue
1. Cut a small rectangle (2-3") out of the plastic and felt. Cut four holes in the rectangle (like on a button). 
This will act as the base for your flowers. The smaller the rectangle the more concealed it'll be, so if that's not a concern, you can make the base bigger. The actual bracelet will be sandwiched between the plastic on top and the felt at the bottom.

2. Sew the plastic and felt together with the bracelet in between. 
I used yarn and a yarn needle to sew the pieces together because the holes I cut were large. The weave pattern in the bracelet made it easier to sew back and forth.

3. Cut out four pieces of each ribbon. Glue each piece to form a loop. 
Depending on how many ribbon you're using and how big your corsage is, the following steps will vary. I had two types of ribbon and I wanted to keep a symmetrical look to my corsage. Get creative and see what would look better according to your eyes.

4. Working in layers, glue on the bigger ribbon at the bottom. Then, glue on the second ribbon between the first one. 

5. Cut your flowers. For the flowers that will just be glued on top, cut the flowers without a stem. For the filler flowers (including the small flowers), leave some stem so you can be able to stick it between other flowers. 

6. In layers, glue any filler pieces, like leaves or baby's breath, first. The second layer I glued on my main flower.

7. Using the smaller flowers, I arranged it around the main flower. Then, I continued to glue in other fillers and ribbons to fill up the space.

*Steps 6-7 is up to you with what style you want to do. I'd recommend planning your "layers" and the arrangement of flowers (like a bouquet).

Just add decorative pieces as you like and afterwards, try it on! You don't want the corsage to be to loose and heavy. This tutorial is flexible and the materials and techniques can be changed to your needs and wants.


For the boutonniere, you'll be using the same flowers and color scheme as the corsage, if you want it to match. Instead of having a big cluster of flowers, you'll be having a mini bouquet of one flower and the accent pieces. Keep in mind that this will be pinned on the suit, so it generally, should be flat on one side.

1. Pick one flower to be the main piece.
2. Gather a couple of the accent pieces, like the baby's breath and leaves. Arrange it around the centerpiece as you'd like.
3. Use floral wire wrap the bunch of foliage together. Wrap floral tape around the entire stem, be sure to trim the stem before.
4. Optional: Wrap ribbon around the stem to add a bit more of a decorative element.

I hope you found this tutorial/guide helpful. If you have any questions, leave them below! Thank you so much for reading!

«Until next time! x»

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  1. Awesome tutorial! Very informative and easy to understand. Oh, and I love your corsage. It's so cute!!