Renegade Craft Fair - Summer 2015

July 26, 2015

Recently, I was given the opportunity to visit San Francisco to go to the Craft Fair and do a bunch of awesome stuff. You can read about the "bunch of awesome stuff:" here!

Renegade Craft Fair is a weekend long event, where crafters can sell their handmade goods. I think it's a great chance to expand your business and gain new customers!

The Renegade Craft Fair was an amazing experience for me. Although, I wasn't there for most of it and I didn't get to explore every single booth and aspect, but it was fun!

The Craft Fair was held at the Herbst and Festival Pavilion, starting July 17 and ending on July 19. My cousins and I went on the 18th.

Throwback Travels: San Francisco Trip (Pier 39, Tartine Bakery, etc.)

Throwback Travels are a series of blog posts where I write about past or recent trips! I'll share pictures, and write about all the places I go!

The past weekend (July 17-19) I went up to San Francisco with my brother and cousins to go to the Renegade Craft Fair! Of course, we got a lot of other things done besides the Craft Fair. We had the chance to go to Pier 39, the SF Flower Mart, Golden Gate Park, etc.