Review: Nike Flex Run 2015- Women's

August 30, 2015

Back in April, I needed new running shoes since my old Nikes were worn out. They were still wearable, but it'd been a while since I got athletic shoes. My previous one were also Nike Flex Runs, and I didn't stray far from that when I was browsing.

The 2015 pairs had just come out and as I was shopping on JCPenney, this pair caught my eye instantly for three reasons: 1) It was on sale for $60 (originally $80); 2) It was the newer Flex Runs and I loved my last pair; 3) The colors and design was perfect! I wanted running shoes that was good in the performance zone, as well as the fashion zone.

*Note: My shoe size is a 7-7.5 and I bought these shoes in a 7.5.*


In terms of color, I chose to get the Wolf Grey/Magenta which I loved because it wasn't bright and flashy like some running shoes can be. It works with almost any outfit. The new patterns on the inside of the shoe were a new addition and it was just gorgeous.

Nike's description of the shoe says that it gives "a natural ride with innovative Breathe Tech construction and full length outsole flex grooves." My favorite part about the shoes are the sole because it's quite similar to the Free Runs with the grooves, but the Flex Runs have so much more supportive and cushion! As Nike claims, it is very lightweight to me and your feet isn't suffocating after a long run, so that's a bonus!


I love the flexibility of the shoes; it allows your feet to really move instead of being stiff (which I've experiences in other running shoes). Again, it's like any typical Nike, it isn't outstanding, but it gets its job done. It's comfortable, flexible and stylish. A lot of people compare Nike to Adidas, saying Adidas performance is better, I can't say the same because I've never owned a pair. However, for occasional runs (like the ones I do) around your neighborhood or at a park, it's a wonderful pair of shoes! Plus, I have wide feet and these shoes aren't wide,but I took these babies on a hike and my feet didn't hurt the entire time, so those are extra brownie points in my book.

Overall, I love these shoes and they still feel very new! What are your favorite pairs of running shoes?

**This review is based on my experience and comparison to the company's claims, etc. I'm by no means an expert in athletic shoes nor am I sponsored! **

«Until next time! x»

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  1. I just wear the shoes I find at Ross for $10. Performance doesn't matter to me because no more PE. Life is great. Well, I don't have a life, but you know.