Back-To-School: 3 Easy Ways to Spice Up Your School Supplies

August 16, 2015

Don't we all dread going back to school? It's not the friends or the occasional events that I despise, but all the stress and expectations from the work. All part of life though, right?

One thing I love about going back to school is shopping for new clothes and school supplies. I love stationery, and cute stationery is even better! It makes me motivated to be organized and to take better notes. Everything tends to be neater and it's something to smile about amongst all pressure.

There are little things you can do to make your school supplies cuter! They mainly involve tape and stickers...but it's cute!

1. Notebooks + Spray Paint

Spray paint is the answer for almost everything! Too much can be dangerous (literally and metaphorically). 

For these notebooks, I spray painted the whole thing with Krylon's ColorMaster Paint + Primer in Ocean Breeze and Ballet Slipper.

Next, I used floral washi tape and went a little crazy with it. I taped over the spine, the mistakes, etc. Using a gold pen, I wrote phrases and quotes on the front cover. Unfortunately, the gold ink didn't adhere (as I thought) and it smeared a lot. :( 

I finished it off with a coat of Krylon's Clear Finishing Spray to seal the ink/paint.

Option 2:
You can also use the classic scrapbook paper to cover the front cover and decorate it with stickers, markers, etc. 

2. Washi Tape + Stickers 

When in doubt, put washi tape and stickers on EVERYTHING. If you can't get washi tape, Duck® has decorative masking tape, which is a similar idea.

For my pens and pencils, I added a strip of tape to match a theme, and to add a little something. You could cover a normal pencil or pen with washi tape. 

For my planner, I found a simple planner from Walmart for $6. To decorate the front, I just put on my initials with stickers. I wanted to go for the minimal look.

3. Backpacks + Fabric Tape

 I got a backpack that was...'generic'? It wasn't basic, but a lot of people at school would have the same or similar one. If you know me, I can't go with the crowd, so I bought FLORAL (notice a theme?) fabric tape to cover up the neon green bits. I had to glue down the tape because it might not last through the wear and tear. 

I need to patch it some more. I suggest cutting more accurately, unlike me. It turned out really well anyway!

Use tracing/parchment paper to pre-cut any shapes. Using that template, cut out your tape.

You can use this fabric tape method on pencil cases/makeup bags too!

«  «  «  «  «    »  »  »  »  »

Those are my quick little tips to spicing up your school supplies, if you have anymore ideas, leave them below! 

QOTD: What's your favorite thing about going back to school or work (after a vacation)? 

«Until next time! x»

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  1. Your blogging is really well done. If I didn't know you, then I would be all "Cool" but I'm pretty surprised. I'm not sure why, but I love it. I'll bet you're planning on blogging about our keychains in the future, aren't you.