DIY Brandy Melville-Inspired Jeanne Bralette for Under $5

September 13, 2015

The Brandy Melville Jeanne Bralette (find it here) has been all the rage at school. It looks so cute under tops and even as a crop top. I've seen a dupe at Forever 21 for $6 and I really wanted to try it out, since it was cheaper and almost identical. But, it was SOLD OUT! And I couldn't always make it to Brandy Melville.

I resorted to what I do best. Making things myself. Spending some time looking at the bralette online, I came to realize, it was like a camisole with two strings crisscrossed. So, I went to Forever 21 and purchased a basic black V-NECK cami for about $2. The v-neck is important because it's closest to the actual bralette.

I would say "about $2" in the title, but you might need to buy fabric glue or a needle and thread. I'll be using a sewing machine for this tutorial, along with a needle and thread.

Let's get started!

Things You'll Need

  • A v-neck cami (Mine was from Forever 21)
  • Sewing Machine 
  • Scissors

1. Measure from the bottom of the armhole to where you want to bralette to stop. Add on an inch or two for seam allowance (hemming the bottom).

Try on the cami and mark off where you want to to stop (again, add an inch or two to your measurement) I stopped my bralette at around 7.5 inches and it worked for me!

2. Cut the cami at your measurement, including to the seam allowance. (ie. I cut mine at 7.5 inches)

3. Using the bottom part of cami and cut a one inch strip. (on both the front and back of the shirt)

With that one inch strip/loop-thing, cut the loop so it's one long strip and then cut that strip in half.

Basically, cut out two inch strips, however you want.

4. With each strip, fold it in half and sew along the edge. Turn the tube inside out. (IT TAKES FOREVER, but you can do it)

Top-stitch on both side of the tube to flatten it out. This will be the crisscrossed part on the bralette.

5. Arrange the strips on the top part of the cami. Refer to the picture below. I ended mine by the arm hole.

6. Sew down the strips at each position with a needle and thread. Hem the bottom of the bralette so the raw edges won't stretch or fray.

7. Try it on! 

Wear it alone as a crop top or under those plunging necklines. If you want more support, you can get padded camisole, or even sew in bra cups! (Keep in mind the price might be over $5)

Ta-da!!! You have a DIY bralette! If you can get your hands on the actual Brandy one, go for it! I love their stuff, but for now, I'm really happy on how this turned out! It wasn't a flop, but it was confusing to explain in text.

If you have any questions to clarify what I said or anything else, feel free to ask them below!

«Until next time! x»

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