Autumn Aesthetics: DIY Autumnal Garland

November 16, 2015

First off, apologies for being on hiatus for so long; life gets in the way. But, I'm excited to be back with another DIY! I love fall and all things fall, so I was trying to think of ideas to decorate my room for the season. I had a spring-themed garland in my too, so it was only obvious to make one autumn-themed.

This garland would be perfect for the upcoming holiday of Thanksgiving or it'd just be really nice for backdrops/decoration.

Things You'll Need 
  • Faux Leaves (I got a pack with 24 leaves from Michaels for $4) 
  • Scrapbook/Colored Paper (You can choose fitting colors for any occasion, I chose fall colors)
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread 
  • Glue
  • Glitter

1. Cut out a template for the flags.

I didn't use specific measurements but I would start with a rectangle and cut out a triangle at the bottom.

2. Using the template, cut out the flags on the scrapbook paper.

I made a garland with about 9 flags so I cut out 3 of each color. I chose colors with warmer tones to fit the season.
3. For the leaves, use the needle and thread to sew on a loop at the top of the leaves. 

4.Arrange the leaves and the flags on the twine. 

Cut the twine to fit the area you want to cover, I cut about 2 yards.

5. Loop on the leaves first and space them out on where you planned them.

6. Fold down the flag from the top and glue it over the twine.

7.Optional: As a final touch, I added gold glitter to the leaves. I used glitter glue, but you can also use Mod Podge and glitter. 

Ta-da! This idea can be catered to any season or occasion. It'd be nice for photo booth backdrops or parties! I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, happy fall! 

«Until next time! x»

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