REVIEW: New Benefit Brow Collection- Gimme Brow

June 29, 2016

Disclaimer: I'm by no means a professional makeup artist. I'm not a beauty guru. I enjoy trying new products!

If you've been keeping up with the beauty world, you'd know that Benefit Cosmetics just released their new chrome- finished brow collection! There's so many more brow products now. And the packaging is adorable and so much more chic! As part of their marketing, I was lucky enough I get the revamped Gimme Brow in the shade 05-Deep. I was so excited to get this in the mail!

Grab your own today for $24!

Back of the box

How I Used It:

First, I refrained from using any other brow products to really test it out. Per the instructions, I brushed the product through my brows and tried to build up the volume. The product said you can use the wand to shape it as well, since it will adhere to your skin.

I didn't own the original Gimme Brow, so I can't compare if the formula has changed, but if what I describe is basically what the original was, it's in cuter packaging now!

I also cannot confirm nor disprove that the product will make your brows thicker over time, but it's worth giving it your own shot!

My Impressions:

My first impression was that it was quite wet, not dripping in product, but it definitely needs a few seconds to set. I found that you can coat both brows with what was on the wand when you first take it out. Now, my brows aren't super thick, so if you have more voluminous brows, you might need to go back for more product.

Personally, I would've liked a bit more shape and definition. The wand is very precise but even though you can add product it sparse areas, it didn't create the definition I wanted. That being said, if you were much more of the natural-brow gal, this would be extraordinary! It'd be quick and easy to put on in the morning for work.

After about 4 hours, which nearly isn't as much time I should've given it, I hopped in the shower. Unfortunately, I noticed that most, if not all, the product disappeared from my eyebrows. Despite it being water-resistant, I did scrub my face, so it makes sense. Before the shower though, the brows were still going strong.

Final Thoughts:

I think this release of new products is amazing and I really want to try out the other products. The color match was pretty good, even though there was is only 3 shades. I would use it alongside another product. I definitely recommend it if you can get your hands on it!

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