DIY Hexagon Corkboards/Bulletin Boards

June 9, 2016

back to school diy

At last! It's been a long while since I last posted, which I apologize for. School keeps getting in the way. But I'm back with another DIY! I've been meaning to make these cork boards for a while now. I'm in love with stationery and office supplies, so when I saw hexagon-shaped corkboards at Target, I wanted to recreate them!

The materials are fairly easy to get a hold of if you just drop by Michael's. I got a roll of cork at Michael's for about $10 with a coupon and the rest I had at home. The hardest part of the project was probably drafting the hexagon and cutting out the cardboard.

Also, I want to try adding a difficulty-bar at the start of my posts, so you can get an overview of how hard the project might be! I try to keep crafts on the easier side, but you never know!

Difficulty Level:

  • Cork
  • Cardboard
  • Ruler 
  • Scissors/ X-Acto Knife
  • Hot Glue Guns
  • Paint (Pastel Pink + Mint)
1. Make a template of a trapezoid.  Let's go back to geometry real quick. A hexagon is made up of two trapezoids. I used newspaper to draft up a trapezoid and doubled it over to make a hexagon. The measurements I used: Base- 10 inches Height- 4.5 inches. I'll be honest, the measurements were guides, but I played around with it until I got the shapes I liked.

Draw the base line first. Then, go about 2.5 inches in on both ends of the line and draw the height of the trapezoid (perpendicular to the base). Draw a top line between the two heights and then connect the top and bottom with slanted lines. *geometry out*

2. Use template to cut out of cork and cardboard. After you've made your template, place it on the cardboard and cork and cut out the shapes. I'd suggest using a box cutter if your cardboard is thicker. It took forever using a dull X-Acto knife. You can use scissors to cut the cork.

3. Glue two layers together. With all the pieces, stack them one by one and glue them together with hot glue. Be careful to line them up correctly, especially if the shaped are perfectly cut. I did two layers of cardboard because I'm paranoid about the push pin coming through. But you can do one layer too.

4. Tape off and paint. Once you glue your pieces together, you can tape off a shape and paint it. Or you can leave it. This is where you can have creative control and do whatever you want! I decided to paint it like pictured after some inspiration from Pinterest.

5. Hang up your corkboard. I'm planning to use Command strips to hang these, but you could attach a ribbon behind the corkboard to hang it up by a push pin.

Apologies for the hiatus, but I hope to be posting more often!

«Until next time! x»

back to school diy

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back to school diy

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