Renegade Craft Fair - Summer 2015

July 26, 2015

Recently, I was given the opportunity to visit San Francisco to go to the Craft Fair and do a bunch of awesome stuff. You can read about the "bunch of awesome stuff:" here!

Renegade Craft Fair is a weekend long event, where crafters can sell their handmade goods. I think it's a great chance to expand your business and gain new customers!

The Renegade Craft Fair was an amazing experience for me. Although, I wasn't there for most of it and I didn't get to explore every single booth and aspect, but it was fun!

The Craft Fair was held at the Herbst and Festival Pavilion, starting July 17 and ending on July 19. My cousins and I went on the 18th.

The booths were split up between the two pavilions. There were also "Special Features" where you can have custom poems, or make your own masks. The Magnolia Photo Booth was there too! I didn't a chance to use it, but I really wanted too.

The Poetry Store created custom poems. Their set up was adorably vintage!

There were loads of food stands giving out free samples. I tried toffee with ghost peppers, jams, fudge, crisps, and some jerky. I probably didn't need lunch afterwards because of all those samples.

These are the coolest dog treats I have ever seen! I thought they were human cookies.
I wanted to buy everything! But, instead I took a lot of pictures of the stands and their products. I loved all the art and prints, planters, candles, and jewelry. Some of my favorite shops are: Cardtorial, Enchanted Leaves, Plaid Poppy, and Le Petit Elefant.

Everything being sold would've made perfect presents, even for those who are hard to buy for. There were a variety of products for any age or 'gender.' I know it's hard to find presents for my dad, but I'm sure he would've loved the wooden robots or the stainless steel bookmarks.

These tiny geeky wall art by Tofufu would be perfect for a nursery or myself! Hehehe...
One of my favorite parts of the fair was seeing how the booths were set up and decorated. Some looked rustic or cute or vintage; it was all very lovely!

There were many booths with the ever so popular succulents and air plants. Seeing the different arrangements and planters made me very inspired to attempt to make it myself.

succulent arrangements
Nora Floral Studio has beautiful arrangements of succulents and fresh flowers that can be delivered to you the next day!

The jewelry were all gorgeous! Most of which I could afford, but I admired them anyway. I don't wear earrings, but the ones at the fair were so cute!

Acute Designs had cute bridal accessories that are handmade, but I would totally wear them anyway, even if I'm not getting married!

JaxKelly has a cool logo, cool earrings, and brilliant candles that reveal a crystal when you burn it!

Here are all the things me and my brother got from the Craft Fair, with links to the products/sellers!

I got prints/postcards, buttons for my friends, a free hair tie, and jam! That "Pho-tastic" card will be for my dad, I hope he gets it. My brother got a really cute corgi print, a cool stainless steel bookmark and more jam!

(Left to Right) Row 1: x (similar)/x/x/x - Row 2: x/x/x - Row 3: x/x/x/x

And... some business cards, with links to the websites, if you're interested. Maybe if you just want to browse at new shops, I'd say this is a good, little collection of it.

SoundViz would have to be my favorite out of everything because I think it's so creative and sentimental. They take a snippet of audio (baby's first word, wedding vows,etc.) or even a whole song and they use the sound waves as art for your home. It's such a lovely idea I want to use in the future.

Column 1: x/x/x - Column 2: x/x/x/x - Column 3: x/x/x/x - Column 4: x/x

Overall, it was super fun! I would probably be broke if I bought everything I liked, but I would love to go again! There are other craft fairs that I want to go to, like the SF Bazaar. I would, definitely,  recommend going to one, since it's free to attend and it's just nice to see all the crafts!

«Until next time! x»

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