Throwback Travels: San Francisco Trip (Pier 39, Tartine Bakery, etc.)

July 26, 2015

Throwback Travels are a series of blog posts where I write about past or recent trips! I'll share pictures, and write about all the places I go!

The past weekend (July 17-19) I went up to San Francisco with my brother and cousins to go to the Renegade Craft Fair! Of course, we got a lot of other things done besides the Craft Fair. We had the chance to go to Pier 39, the SF Flower Mart, Golden Gate Park, etc.

Day 1: Trains + Pier 39

We took the train up to San Francisco, got to the apartment, where my cousin cooked up some amazing salmon and rice! After dinner, the whole gang took the cable car to Fisherman's Wharf and walked to Pier 39. It was my first time on a cable car and I learned how bad my balance was.

At the Pier 39, I was dodging the seagulls, as usual, and we walked around looking at the shops. I got a really, really cool magnet from The Flash, from my newfound love of Arrow and The Flash. From the Pier, we walked all the way back to the apartment, which was the most exercise I've done in a while.

Day 2: SF Flower Mart + Renegade + Golden Gate Park

The night was filled with the sound of cables and cars. Morning came, and we woke up bright and early. First thing first was the Flower Mart, where I got more succulents and air plants. Even my brother picked up two air plants! It runs in the family.

After several bus rides to Fort Mason, we finally arrived at the Renegade Craft Fair! For more on my experience from the Craft Fair, check out this blog post!

Once we were done at the Craft Fair, all of us were very tired. We got back to the apartment, took a lunch break, watched some Bob's Burger, and then headed over to Golden Gate Park, stopping by Haight-Ashbury. Must I say, Haight-Ashbury is an interesting area with quirky shops. It was great seeing a piece of history.

Fast forward, we walked to the Conservatory of Flowers, inside the park, to find that it was closed. Bummer. The flowers planted outside are beautiful, though! A lot of people were out in the field of flowers enjoying Saturday evening.

We got admission to the Japanese Tea Garden nearby. I enjoyed it because the place had a such serene vibe to it. I pulled out the Bulbasaur my cousin lent me and started talking pictures of it on all the trees and bridges.

Finally, after our fun at the Park, we took a bus down to Ocean Beach and Sutro Baths. I haven't been to the beach all summer and ocean waves are my favorite sound, so I was so excited to be by the sea again. Seeing Sutro Baths and the rocks nearby was fascinating and surreal! The sun was starting to set, so it was all very relaxing, except climbing up a ridiculous flight of stairs. To add to that, I was terrified of all the seagulls flying around.

Day 3: Church + Crafting + Bi-Rite & Tartine

Sunday Craft Day! We spent the morning, after church, making soap and assembling terrariums. I've never made soap before, so it was quite the experience. One of mine ended up looking like a chocolate bar, which I had to refrain from eating. I'm kidding...

We arranged some dried plants and pebbles in a globe and used the air plants we got the day before to create terrariums! It wasn't my first time making a terrarium, but it was fun having everyone crafting.

Leaving our crafts, we went down to Bi-Rite Creamery for some ice cream! I had a salted caramel scoop and a seasonal peach scoop. Oh, boy. It was delicious, especially since it was so hot that day.

The fun didn't stop there! We got lemon tarts and cream pies at Tartine BakeryIt was worth the wait because the pastries looked as beautiful as it tasted. Sometimes I have deserts that have a sickening sugary sweet taste, but Tartine makes it just right. I will definitely go again, maybe even by cookbooks from both Bi-Rite and Tartine.

To finish off our triple threat, Boba Guys is always a must. Plus, I haven't had milk tea in almost a month, so tasting a quality Jasmine Milk Tea was heavenly.

We had a very sweet day. First it was ice cream, then it was pastries, and finally, it was milk tea.
I recommend you checking out those three places if you have the chance!

All of the excitement did come to an end as we rushed to get on the Metro Muni. We would've missed it if one of us ran a second slower.

I do want to thank Cody and Elizabeth for hosting (if you're reading, thank you so much!). I did so much walking and took practically every form of public transportation. I had a great time in San Francisco and I'm super excited to plan the next trip!

«Until next time! x»

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